Voluntary benefits for local government employees

If voluntary benefits sound like the right solution for your employees, let us provide additional information to make the decision easier.

​​Answers to your Questions.

If voluntary benefits sound like the right solution for your employees, let us provide additional information to make the decision easier.

Answers to your Questions

As a fully licensed insurance agency in all 50 states, PPI’s voluntary benefit options are open to all local governments and taxing authorities.

Taking advantage of Public Promise Insurance begins with a simple conversation. Use the contact form on this site or email us at benefits@publicpromiseinsurance.org

Yes. By utilizing a lead public agency (LPA) model, our voluntary benefit programs are made cost-effective for entities regardless of size, and still flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs.

These are optional services or products offered to employees, often at discounted rates, as a perk. Those who elect to participate typically share in the cost with their employer in the form of payroll deductions.

Voluntary benefits are a powerful tool in retaining and recruiting top talent for your local government. Research shows that these perks are desired by public workforces and help public entities stay competitive with the private sector.

PPI’s expert benefit specialists will work with your entity to evaluate your current offerings, identify any coverage gaps and opportunities, then work with you to tailor a program that makes sense, including supplementing existing benefit options.

Research has shown that employees will actively seek out and prefer voluntary benefits that enrich their lives with a sense of physical and financial well-being. Our complement of voluntary benefits help achieve that goal for your public workforce.

Yes. Our mission is to enrich the lives of public employees and their families. When your workforce feels secure, they are more engaged, have improved productivity, and are better public servants.

The voluntary benefits offered through PPI have customizable options tailored to your specific needs. Our benefit managers will help identify gaps in coverage that are best suited to your workforce and their families.

We understand the nuances of vendor relationships. Our lead public agency model provides benefits without the burden of RFPs and complex contracts, while peer-review of public officials ensures fidelity to our mission of enriching your local government workforce?

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